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Food that sustains you.
And Planet Earth.

That is how FinerFin serves. Because feeding families should not starve the planet.

OUR PledgeAre you with us?

Our pledge is simple: We will always do our best to protect the ocean’s countless endangered species, to promote the wellness of the environment at large, and to support the work of local fishermen across the globe.

By eating FinerFin, you do the same.

The Issue

Commercial fishing is a net loss.

80% of the commercial fishing industry uses some sort of net method for catching fish:

Purse Seines

A net is wrapped around a school of fish. The ends are then pulled together like a drawstring bag, and hoisted onto a boat. Over half of all tuna is caught this way.


‘Bottom trawling’ weighs a net down and drags it across the seafloor to scoop up vast amounts of fish, while ‘midwater trawling’ drags a net above the seafloor.


A wall of netting is spread out underwater. Fish swim through the holes and their gills get trapped in the matrix. This type of netting can be deployed without a big engine boat.

Bycatch is an

There is a better way!

At FinerFin we insist on exclusive use of
pole-and-line practices to catch our fish.

Pole-and-line fishing...

Do your part.
Enjoy your portion.

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