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in 4 delicious flavors

3 Bean Salad

Hearty. Filling.

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Zesty Lemon

Tangy. Robust.

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Mexicana Salad

Warming. Tantalizing.

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Spicy Chili

Vibrant. Citrusy.

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100% wild caught. Enjoy
at home or in the wild.

Ecologically responsible pole-and-line-
caught tuna is healthier, tastes better and
protects our planet and marine life.


The finest ingredients.
The purest nutrition

Real food, real convenient. It’s everything you
want in your tuna––in a single, pull-tab can:

FinerFin Nutrition
Low inMercury
Bishul Yisroel / MTCertified Kosher

Ready whenever and
wherever you GO.

Pops right open into full meal mode.

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1 of each

Starter pack

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3 of each

Variety pack

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healthy, delicious tuna Recipes


They’re clapping their fins.

These are 100% kosher and 100% absolutely delicious. I like to open a can and combine with Palmini pasta for a delicious lean and green meal that is filling, too. And you won't be able to eat just one tin, I seriously guarantee it. The lemon oil in the tin is perfect as a dressing, so it's really an all-in-one kind of food.

The tuna is clearly of very good quality, has no overly fishy taste and they're the perfect size for a snack or to top a salad. Very filling, healthy and easy.

The 4 pack was delicious, and top quality. Unlike most tuna, you can tell that this is minimally processed, genuine tuna. The flavors are great without being overwhelming.

This is a great buy! I love how I get a variety of flavors to be able to change things up whenever I want. This product is really delicious and has a wonderful high quality flavor. I really love all four varieties. The Mexicana salad and the 3 beans salad are amazing and both come with lots of veggies which I really enjoy. The Zesty lemon is refreshing and perfect for salads and wraps. The Spicy chili is just spicy enough and packed with flavors! All just delicious!

WOW!! The texture, taste, smell and flavoring are exciting and extremely satisfying. This product was obviously put out by a fellow foodie who didn't compromise AT ALL!
Highly recommended, there are no competitors to this.

How can I describe this product?? Well seasoned, savory, tasty, light and scrumptious! I cannot decide how I best like to eat this tuna - on strips of crunchy yellow bell peppers, or sliced cucumbers or lettuce wraps. It’s low in calories and no need to season. I keep a few cans in the office just in case I cannot step out for lunch.

This is such a good idea. Tuna slices packed in flat tins with herbs, various vegs, and olive oil to make four different ready-to-eat dishes. Could also be eaten as salads or mixed with rice for a nice lunch or snack. I found them to be very tasty and not filling -- a real treat.

My favorite canned tuna! all of their flavors are amazing but the lemon is next level! I love these tuna cans, their easy to take with you on the go since they have a pull tab so there is no can opener necessary. Put it on a cracker to slice of bread or top a salad and you have an instant meal. These are great.

Absolutely phenomenal! Love that it’s yellowfin and low mercury. Clean ingredients too! Spicy Chili is my fave. Not too spicy. Just right!

Best tuna!! Worth every penny!! No need to add salt or any other seasonings. I cut up my veggies at home and at work I assemble my lunch in no time. Each can is under 120 calories. One can goes a long way.

Very good tuna, not fishy like most canned tunas. Good flavors, have purchased before and will buy again. Great for a high-protein snack

We love this product, easy to handle, portion controlled, simple meal, and tastes great! we can't get enough of all of the flavors. Love them all! Win-Win

Absolutely delicious, right out of the can. Great for stocking up on and stores well.

This tuna is very good. I eat it for lunch a lot and this is the best canned tuna I have tried.

Amazing Product. I love that when you open the can you can see all the vegetables, and it all looks so fresh. The list of ingredients shows care by using healthy ingredients and I also appreciate that the tuna is environmentally conscious. I just added the can to a nice bun with some lettuce and had a wonderful meal! Can't wait to try the other flavors! Recommended and will purchase again.

Do your part.
Enjoy your portion.

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