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How is FinerFin fish caught?

Our fish is caught individually, using pole-and-line methods. This ensures that no other marine life is caught or harmed in the process, and ensures the quality of our yellowfin tuna. It also means our tuna is naturally low in mercury.

What precautions does FinerFin take to ensure low levels of mercury in its tuna?

The mercury content of tuna rises with the age and size of the fish. FinerFin only sources pole and line caught tuna, which are the younger and smaller migratory tuna that are caught at the surface. These fish have accumulated lower levels of mercury as compared to older and larger tuna.

What makes FinerFin tuna different from regular, canned tuna?

Our tuna is not like regular, chunk tuna you find in a can. Ours are sealed in a special spill proof can that does not require a can opener to open. Our fillets are hand sliced, packed in organic extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with special blends of herbs and spices.

What is in FinerFin tuna besides tuna?

FinerFin tuna meals were designed to provide our customers with a delightful meal experience. Each flavor has a unique recipe that includes things like beans, corn, peppers, and lemon. We use special blends of herbs and spices and organic extra virgin olive oil.

What are the health benefits of eating FinerFin tuna?

Our tuna is high in Omega 3s, is an excellent source of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Selenium and Iodine. It is high in protein and low in calories, making it an excellent choice for your next meal.

Is FinerFin packed in oil or water?

FinerFin Tuna is canned in organic extra virgin olive oil to improve the taste of your meal and provide health benefits.

Does FinerFin packaging contain BPA?

FinerFin products are packed in cans that do not have the intentional addition of BPA.

What is the shelf life of FinerFin tuna?

FinerFin Tuna meals have a shelf life of 30 months.

Where can I buy FinerFin tuna?

FinerFin is available online on our website and Amazon. You can also look for it in your local, independent store and some chain stores.

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We only use pole and line caught fishing methods
to catch our sustainably sourced yellowfin tuna.


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