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4 Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The canned tuna you find on your grocery store shelves is either packed in water or oil.

In most cases, the oil is vegetable oil, which is high in unsaturated fat—a trigger for inflammation in the body and a precursor to heart disease.

But tuna packed in oil can offer some health benefits along with tastier tuna. A lot of times in water-packed tuna, the flavor gets drained in the water. 

FinerFin Tuna, on the other hand, is packed in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), which is considered the gold standard of oil. It’s the least processed, is often the freshest, and contains healthy properties.

Here’s a look at four health benefits of making EVOO a part of your diet.


  1. High Amount of Antioxidants
    Extra virgin olive oil is packed with antioxidants that help fight inflammation that’s often a problem with vegetable and other kinds of oils. Keeping inflammation in the body low can help prevent heart issues along with other common health problems.

  2. Can Lower Bad Cholesterol
    Using EVOO over vegetable oil can have a two-fold benefit to your cholesterol levels. Cutting back on the unsaturated fat of vegetable oil combined with the antioxidants in EVOO can help reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, and studies suggest EVOO can help lower blood pressure and also prevent dangerous blood clots.

  3. Anti-Cancer Properties
    EVOO contains polyphenols, which have great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and studies have shown that they can reduce the risk of several different types of cancer, including breast, prostate, and colorectal.

  4. Added Bone Health
    It’s also believed that polyphenols can help you maintain healthy bones, which gain importance as we age. Potential benefits include a reduction in the risk of hip fracture in falls—one of the most common causes of serious injury and death in seniors—and improved bone density.


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