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FinerFin: A Rare Healthy Choice for a Ready-to-Go Meal

FinerFin: A Rare Healthy Choice for a Ready-to-Go Meal

Most canned and ready-to-eat foods aren’t usually the healthiest for you.

Too often, we trade convenience for nutrition, grabbing a pre-made sandwich that’s loaded with preservatives (read: salt) to keep them fresh.

Tuna, however is different. Tuna is unique in that it can be canned and stored at room temperature without the need for preservatives. 

But FinerFin takes this concept to the next level by providing even more nutrition in our cans to give you a quick option while on the go and without compromising your health.

What Makes FinerFin Different?

Our four flavors give you a variety of tastes along with added nutrition. Our 3 Bean Salad has nine grams of fat and carbs per container if you need some added energy, but if you’d like a zero-carb option, try the Zesty Lemon or Spicy Chili options, which also are packed with over 30 grams of protein per container. 

Another difference between our tuna and what you find on the grocery store shelves is that our cans are truly portable. They contain a ridge along the top to make them spill-proof, and the pull tab allows you to open the can anywhere—no can opener needed!

What About Mercury Concerns?

Typical canned tuna can be high in mercury if you eat it several times per week, but that’s not a byproduct of it being canned; rather, the issue is in how the tuna is farmed. Older and larger tuna have higher mercury content.

FinerFin, on the other hand, sources pole and line-caught fish, which tend to be younger and smaller. This gives our tuna lower mercury content than other canned tuna products.

Try the FinerFin Difference

We believe that FinerFin is the best, healthiest ready-to-eat option out there. Check out our line of products and place an order to change your lunchtime routine for the better!