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Five Things to Amplify Your Finer Fin Tuna

Five Things to Amplify Your Finer Fin Tuna

Adding a side to your Finer Fin tuna can enhance the eating experience. Now, you don’t have to add anything to enjoy the delicious tuna, but if you’re going to, we recommend these five things:

  1. Fresh Herbs: Canned tuna loves parsley, a fresh fennel finish, and a sprinkle of tarragon. Parsley’s earthy quality brightens the tuna, making it a tasty addition. Make sure to add a small amount of fennel, so the flavoring is an addition, not taking over. Tarragon is a classic pairing when it comes to tuna.

  2. Spice it Up: Don’t be afraid to spice things up. The added spice will be richer on the palate and create a depth of flavor. Step outside your comfort zone and try Finer Fin's spicy tuna.

  3. Add a Squeeze of Lemon Juice: Give your dish a leg-up and a welcome addition to your tuna with lemon juice. Utilize the zest of the citrus and try Finer Fin's zesty lemon.

  4. Fresh Produce: Upgrade your tuna with a flavor and texture boost. Add in tomatoes, celery, red onions, or shallots to enhance your tuna tasting.

  5. Vinegar For The Best Tang: Spruce up your tuna with light vinegar like rice, sherry, or champagne. Make sure to stay away from balsamic or black vinegar so you don't overpower your meal.