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How FinerFin Tuna Can Play a Part in a Diet to Lose Weight

How FinerFin Tuna Can Play a Part in a Diet to Lose Weight

Tuna can be a great part of your diet if you’re looking to lose weight or even maintain a healthy weight.

First, let’s look at the reasons why tuna can be a delicious staple for your routine.

High in Protein, Low in Calories

Three ounces of light tuna, packed in a can with water is 72 calories. In olive oil, that number jumps to 168, which is still a modest number of calories for the main part of a meal. In addition, olive oil provides plenty of health benefits in itself.

Despite being low in calories, tuna is high in protein. FinerFin’s tuna options range from 14 to 21 grams of protein per serving. This high protein content not only leaves you feeling fuller, but it also causes your body to burn more calories by digesting it—your body has to work harder to break down protein than it does fat or carbohydrates.

FinerFin Provides Even More of a Benefit to Your Diet

FinerFin tuna can also help you reach your goals even more than the other tuna you find on the grocery store shelves.

The reason is that most people don’t eat tuna right out of the can. They add mix-ins that could be unhealthy (mayonnaise, for example) or eat it on white bread, which increases the carb count.

FinerFin’s varieties, on the other hand, come ready-to-eat in the can with flavors that are not only delicious but healthy as well.

Try Our New Smoked Tuna Flavor!

To go with our four existing flavors, FinerFin is introducing a new option for you to try: smoked tuna! It’s a hand-sliced yellowfin tuna fillet packed in olive oil and contains 20 grams of protein.

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