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The Environmental Impacts of the Commercial Fishing Industry

The Environmental Impacts of the Commercial Fishing Industry

As more efficient ways to catch fish were developed in the 20th century, along with a higher demand for seafood during that period, the commercial fishing industry exploded during that period. As a result, however, the environmental impacts on the planet’s oceans took their toll.

While the environmental impacts are many, here are three that are of utmost concern.

  1. Overfishing
    Overfishing is one of the biggest concerns facing the aquatic population. Many commercial fishing methods trap more fish than needed, and many species of fish cannot replenish themselves at the same rate that they’re being caught.

  1. Water Pollution
    The commercial industry catches around 93 million tons of wild fish each year. All of these vessels cause water pollution to rise—as does the increase in plastic waste that ends up in our oceans.

  1. Habitat Degradation
    Overfishing and another process called bottom trawling can ruin the overall habitat. Nets scraping the bottom of the ocean kicks up dirt and sediment that blocks sunlight and affects plankton, corral, and other marine life. The United Nations estimates that up to 95% of ocean damage is due to bottom trawling.

How FinerFin Is Committed to Not Damaging the Environment

FinerFin catches all of its tuna via pole-and-line fishing. Each fish is caught individually, leaving no damage to other sea creatures or the marine habitat at a whole.

Our sustainability method is also more labor-intensive, providing more jobs and helping the economies that depend on fishermen to thrive.

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