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Tips on Storing FinerFin Tuna Leftovers

Tips on Storing FinerFin Tuna Leftovers

FinerFin tuna is designed as the perfect meal when you’re on the go, but what if you have some leftovers?

There are important safety measures to follow to store tuna properly after the can has been opened.

Do Not Leave Opened Tuna at Room Temperature

While canned tuna can be stored safely at room temperature before it is opened, it must be kept cold after opening. Part of the process that keeps it able to be stored at room temperature occurs during sealing, so once it is opened, that benefit is lost.

How Long Can Opened Tuna Be Kept Cold?

The tuna should be refrigerated in a covered container within an hour of opening. Once it’s in the fridge, it should last for about three days.

If you’re wanting it to last longer, you can also freeze tuna as well. Place the tuna in a freezer bag and be sure to let the excess air out and seal it tightly. Tuna can stay fresh for about three months via this method. When defrosting, remove from the freezer and let the product thaw. Once it is no longer frozen, you’ll have a couple of days to eat it, but it’s safest just to eat it once it’s fully defrosted.

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